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Senibong Cove

Five distinctive precincts, one lifestyle village of splendour

Senibong Cove Entry Park

Living at Senibong Cove

Senibong Cove provides a lifestyle that is completely unrivalled in the Johor Bahru region, and Singapore.

From luxury villas to cosmopolitan apartments, there’s a variety of different homes available at Senibong Cove to suit every lifestyle. Abundant Space, picturesque scenery, natural wildlife, leisure activities and safety, coming home to Senibong Cove will make you wonder why you’d ever leave. The opportunity of the area is limitless, but one thing is for sure: Senibong Cove will soon be recognised as the best place to live along the Johor Strait.

Senibong Cove Boardwalk

Leafy, lush and peaceful

There’s an incredible trifecta of scenery at Senibong Cove that promotes a soothing tranquillity about the place. The thick green of the hinterland, the deep blue of the Johor Strait and the abundant sky overhead that puts on a show every night at sunset – it’s hard to find such relief living in Singapore or Johor Bahru city.

It’s the nature and indigenous wildlife surrounding the community that insulates it from the hustle and bustle of the real world. Carefully nurtured parklands with local wildlife, landscaped gardens as well as the surrounding rainforest are almost unseen in any neighbourhood – even in Singapore itself – and provide a place for children to play, couples to romance, and individuals to exercise both mind and body.

Senibong Cove Sunset

A world-class boardwalk

Meandering through the estate, Senibong Cove’s boardwalk will become one of the most important parts of your new life here. Stretching some two kilometres along the water’s edge, there’s always something to see. From marvelling at the natural beauty of the cove, sharing a meal with friends at the marina’s eateries, to watching sailboats make their way to the Johor strait, strolling the estate’s boardwalk will become a daily ritual.

As much as the estate is ideal for a leisurely stroll, it is also expansive enough for jogging and power walking; full service gyms complete with weights and modern equipment are located at every club house; and there are swimming pools suitable for all ages located around the estate.

Senibong Cove Boardwalk

Cosmopolitan waterside living

Living on the waters’ edge of the Sungai Lunchoo with the Johor Strait practically on your doorstep has its advantages. There’s an abundance of space across the water between sections of the cove as well as the expanse across the strait to Singapore. This kind of space is such a luxury in Southeast Asia. The integrated marina provides a home away from home for sailing and boating enthusiasts; water skiing, paddle boarding, fishing and canoeing are also regular activities, among other watersports.

Aside from the abundant space, scenery and outdoor activities at Senibong Cove, there’s also essential dining and retail services. Choose from a variety of local, Asian and Western cuisines available at breakfast, lunch and dinner at Senibong Cove’s growing hospitality offerings. A significant retail zone with life’s essentials hugs the marina and will provide for your everyday needs as the community grows.

Senibong Cove Sunset

Affordable and liveable

With property starting under RM1,000,000, there’s a residence to suit all – singles, families, new couples or investors. Senibong Cove represents a unique opportunity with proximity to JB Central, Johor Strait and Singapore; all nestled within a secluded and secure community. If you love life, you’ll love living at Senibong Cove.

Senibong Cove Residences