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Senibong Cove

Rest assured that your safety and security are our number one priority

Two Senibong Cove security personnel at a security checkpoint
About Us

Your Security

Security at home, security in the community.

Senibong Cove takes the security of residents and their homes very seriously. All residents and their guests should feel free to roam the estate in the knowledge that there is no threat.

No expense has been spared to assure the security of residents, visitors and staff at all times. However, the security measures remain very much in the background of everyday life at Senibong Cove.

It begins at the perimeter, where all visitors are registered upon entry. Infrared beams surround the estate in combination with CCTV cameras that are monitored 24 hours a day from a central guardhouse. Security patrols the complex by land and sea to further ensure the safety of residents.

Inside your home, swipe card entry is the only way to gain access, with each swipe card registered to ensure no unauthorised duplicates exist.

Police stations located at Permas Jaya and Pasir Gudang are only minutes’ drive away via the JB East Highway.

The safety of all residents is a priority at Senibong Cove.

Security Patrolling the River

Security features: